Beyond the Exam: An Alternative Online Assessment Toolkit

Beyond the Exam: An Alternative Online Assessment Toolkit

This Toolkit is designed to support educators in their exploration of new assessment strategies as part of their commitment to improving and offering flexible online teaching and learning experiences. The resource aims to provide educators with a comprehensive toolkit to quickly find and integrate new assessment strategies into their teaching. Building new assessment strategies requires investigation, careful consideration, and creation of guiding resources for learners, all of which can be barriers to adoption for many educators. The focus of this resource is to reduce these barriers through the provision of an ‘online assessment exemplar bank,’ where we will not only categorize and share clear examples, resources and instructions that we have sourced and/or created, but also provide a space for participants to share back adopted or new assessment approaches that have proven successful for their learners and context.

The toolkit is built and will continually be updated in PressBooks and is available in both English and French. Select the cover of the language version of your choice below to access the resource.

Beyond the Exam: Alternative Assessment ToolkitEnglish

Au-delà de l’examen traditionnel : Une boîte à outils d’évaluations alternatives en ligneFrançais

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